HSX for Hot Water Temperature Maintenance Self Regulating Heating Cable

Application: Hot Water Temperature Maintenance
HSX heating cables, the heart of Thermon’s WarmTraceTM system, are specifically designed to maintain hot water supply piping at desired nominal maintenance temperatures. With 14 AWG bus wires (larger than any other system available), HSX can reduce the number of circuits required to install an electric heat-traced system.

Easy to Design . . .
A WarmTrace system replaces the complex recirculation network of return pipes, circulating pumps and balancing valves. For each hot water supply line, simply match the hot water maintenance temperature with the corresponding color-coded cable and insulate per the design guide.

HSX self-regulating cable automatically maintains desired water temperatures. Changes in pipe diameters, flow rates and use patterns will not affect the design. Even variations in ambient or water temperature are compensated for as the cable adjusts its heat output along the entire length of a heat-traced pipe.

Easy to Install . . .
HSX heating cable is cut to length and installed directly on the supply piping under conventional thermal insulation with ordinary hand tools. Kits for power connection, end termination and splicing, plus other accessories, are designed for quick and easy installation. Increased circuit lengths with HSX mean less circuits to fabricate and fewer total circuits.

Economical to Operate and Maintain . . .
Because a WarmTrace system replaces recirculation, it also eliminates the costs of continuously operating pumps, deliberately overheating the water and maintaining the recirculation system. Potential water savings can also be realized since the heat tracing can be installed up to the point of use; i.e., no waiting for hot water.

Supply voltage 120 or 208 VAC

WarmTrace Hot Water Temperature Maintenance Systems –
Energy Savings

Thermon WarmTrace Hot Water Temperature Maintenance Systems have been successfully and extensively utilized throughout Australia and New Zealand for over 20 years. The design flexibility and capital cost benefits of our systems are well understood, but the energy, water, and overall running costs are more complex. Given the increasing costs of electricity, gas, and water; we understand the importance of the question,
“what are energy savings versus the running cost of a WarmTrace system?”
WarmTrace maintains hot water in a no flow state in pipework between the hot water unit and the fixtures. Gas heated hot water is drawn through a non-heat traced pipe prior to use, and after the line is used the water remaining in the pipework cools and is flushed in the next usage. Both energy and water are wasted.
Case Study:
• In apartment living, occupants are charged for gas heated, metered hot water.
• 20 metres of 20 mm hot water pipe fitted with Thermon HSX-60-2-OJ self-regulating
heater cable and thermally insulated as per Thermon design requirements.
Gas Hot Water Heating Energy Costs:
• Daily cost of gas based on average hot water consumption of 68 litres is $1.69026,
or 0.02489 cents per litre.
• Each hot water usage, e.g. shower, wastes 6.254 litres. Based on three uses per day,
18.762 litres are wasted per day.
• Cost of daily wasted hot water is $0.466986 x 365 days = $170 per anum
Electricity Costs For WarmTrace System:
• Power (P = V x A/m x L) 240 x 0.0327 x 20 = 156.96 watts
• Per anum Energy: 156.96 watts x 24 hours x 365 days = 137.497 Kw hours x 25
cents per Kw hour = $34.37 per anum
Overall Savings Of WarmTrace:
• Cost of gas heater hot water ($170) minus cost of electricity ($34.37) = $135.63 per-anum
Capital Cost And Pay Back Of WarmTrace:
• Capital cost of $537 divided by $135.63 savings on running cost = 3.95 years payback.