Parallel Constant Watt Heating Cable

Parallel constant watt heating cables include a continuous series of short, independent heating circuits. Power output is relatively unchanged by variations in circuit length up to several hundred feet.

These cables are designed specifically for freeze protection or process temperature maintenance of piping, tanks and equipment.

Parallel Constant Watt Heating Cables

Parallel Constant Watt Heating Cable

Freeze Protection or Process Temperature Maintenance FP parallel resistance constant watt heating cables are designed to provide freeze protection or process temperature maintenance to piping, tanks and equipment. The parallel resistance configuration allows the cable to be cut to length and terminated in the field with easy-to-use Thermon supplied kits.

FP cables provide consistent and reliable heat outputs regardless of circuit length. Because FP cables are not subject to the inrush current associated with self-regulating heating cables, the need for oversizing power distribution equipment is eliminated.

FP cables are approved for use in ordinary (nonclassified) areas, hazardous (classified) areas and Zone 2 classified areas.

Operating Voltage: 120 / 240 VAC

Maximum Maintenance Temperature: 150°F

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