Reference Document No. HS-QM-O1
Document Title: Quality Manual.

1.0 Company Policy

1.1 Policy Statement

This Quality Assurance Manual describes the Quality Assurance system established to assure the quality of design and installation carried out by HEATECH SYSTEMS PTY LTD is in accordance with the requirements of AS 3901/ISO 9001.

The objectives of Heatech Systems Pty Ltd include:

Vendor Specialists for over 40 years

 Ensuring that all project I contract work meets contractural and regulatory requirements.

 Minimizing potential quality problems, thus improving cost effectiveness and efficiency.

All responsible people will be made familiar with the requirements of this manual and be responsible for assuring that all activities for which they are responsible are being performed in compliance with this Quality Assurance Manual.
This policy is basic to HEATECH SYSTEMS PTY LTD operations and I ask all personnel to actively support its implementation.

1.2 General Statement

The assurance of quality is fundamental to all work undertaken by HEATECH SYSTEMS PTY LTD and is practiced by all personnel in their daily activities.

Quality is enhanced by working in a systematic manner to formalized procedures designed to eliminate the occurrence of deficiencies.

It shall be the responsibility of the Managing Director to:

 Compile and implement the procedures, integrating their requirements into the regular working methods, ensuring that all such methods are clearly defined and documented.

 Monitor the implementation of the quality assurance systems.

Note : 

Heat Tracing is a specialized field of work , and should be respected as such. If you have no qualifications and experience in the proper installation methods of all types of Heat Tracing then you should not be installing it especially without qualified supervision schooling and training.

Heat Tracing should never be classed as a product, where anyone can just buy the product of the shelf and make some amateur attempt to install it , without really knowing what they are doing or why they are doing it. Even normal Electricians on most Sites have no experience or idea how to install Electrical Heat Tracing Systems properly. We design properly engineered heating systems from the point of contact and information given , which also includes recommendations for insulation and installations, it is imperative that not only is your heating system designed properly , but also installed properly and also proper insulation is used and installed properly, so you the customer can get the full benefit of a trouble free heating system for years to come.

Heatech Systems Pty Ltd has built up its knowledge, experience and good reputation with Heat Tracing over a 45 year period of hands on site installation work, where we can offer to supervise the contracting team at site to install the Heat Tracing to a high standard of Heat Tracing for the Contractor and Customer , which in turn does not cost the customer ongoing Poor System Results, Energy Costs and attempts to Remedy the Problems created through unqualified installers at a further ongoing cost.

Even with given Installation instructions from a sale only, the results do not change, leaving it to some unqualified installer with very little experience , you are still leaving it to there interpretation of how it should be installed, resulting in below standard installations with ongoing problems for the customer.

Remember : Heat Tracing is a specialized field of work and should be treated as such , get us to show you how.

Environmental Responsibilities.

Heatech Systems Pty Ltd acknowledges that health, safety and environment (HS&E) is a critical and integral part of effective business and management practices. Heatech Systems Pty Ltd integrates HS&E into all areas of its operations so that our equipment and work practices are healthy, safe and environmentally responsible.

Our staff maintain a healthy lifestyle and are committed to supporting local and community events and charities.

Daryl F Worden
Managing Director.