Heatech Systems Pty Ltd, incorporated and founded in December 1987 by the late Graham Worden.
Heatech is a unique and established service and contracts company which has
the capability to offer its customers Qualified Technical Services to provide,Consultation, Sales, Design, Engineering, Supply of Materials and Highly Experienced Site Supervision and Training of Project Packaged Turnkey Heat Tracing Systems.

We have been Vendor Specialists for over 40 years.

Heatech Systems is proud to have enjoyed a truly valued association and working alliance as the appointed SA/NT supplier  of Thermon Heat Tracing Products and with its People for the development of ,Sales ,Design, Supply and Installation and Site Services including Site Supervision of Heat Tracing Projects throughout Australasia for more than 30 years.

Heatech Systems Pty Ltd has been a proud representative of all Thermon Products in our appointed Sales area of South Australia and the Northern Territory for the last 30 years, supporting the  Oil , Gas and Mining Industry on major projects throughout Australia.

Heatech Systems is the most experienced and site wise Heat Tracing Installation Company in Australasia, performing site supervision to main contract groups onsite to supervise there work team and guide and instruct the installations of heat tracing to the highest of standards, to act as an insurance to the main contractor , the customer and the product.

The partnership forms the foundation of a marketing and contracting plan, to provide our customers the most competent
& reliable source for installed heat tracing systems with single source responsibility and a performance warranty.

Our responsibility begins with system development and product selection. Heat tracing systems must be designed and
offered to provide the best possible performance and long term trouble free service for a projects working environment.
Heat tracing systems must also be provided at a reasonable cost and installed and commissioned by a team who has
the qualified knowledge and experience to ensure that a high grade of workmanship is applied & maintained at all times.

Statement of Objectives

Heatech Systems aims and objectives for the success of the Company seeks to offer our customers quality products and services that fill real needs by:
• providing well designed, engineered and quality assured project packaged heating systems for piping, tanks, vessels and instrumentation etc.
• development of heating systems to provide reliable and lasting value, supported by a wide variety of useful services, both before and after the sales or completion and commissioning of the contract.
• providing operator training and an ongoing service program to inspect, check, test and maintain the performance and safety of heat tracing systems.
• demonstrating to the customer that they are dealing with a Company that is genuinely interested in arriving at proper and effective solutions to their problems.

Trouble free heat tracing systems , designed to stand the test of time , cost effective to the customer and ongoing running costs , designed and installed to the highest of standards.

Knowledge & Experience

Heatech Systems Managing Director: Daryl Worden
• Over 40 years experience in the Electrical Contracting Industry and Heat Tracing Installations and development of Turn Key Quality Heat Tracing Systems.
• Provided electrical design, drafting, estimating and materials procurement for small, medium and large Industrial and Commercial projects, including development of quality assured project packaged heat tracing systems.
• Provided contractural planning and management, including ‘hands on’ work on Industrial and Commercial projects for plant power reticulation, machine control systems & Turnkey project packaged heat tracing systems.

Daryl Worden is Heatech Systems Project Team Leader/Heat Tracing Project Supervisor, is a on Site Installation Specialist.

• Is a fully qualified and indentured Electrical Mechanic who has worked in the Electrical Engineering and Contracting
Industry, for over 40 years.
• For 40 years Daryl has worked to develop and improve the standards and procedures of workmanship and safety,
to comply with all Standards and Approvals, for the installation, testing and commissioning of heat tracing systems.
• The aims and objectives at all times has been to provide the customer with quality work¬manship, performance,reliability and safety.

Since Heatech Systems incorporation as a specialist Heat Tracing Engineering Company, the teams qualified knowledge and experienced workmanship has continued with the development & improvement of installed heat tracing systems.
The available value added services include: consulting, design, engineering, installation, site supervision, QA/QC testing and commissioning, training and field survey services. Trouble shooting , system performance evaluations.

If its just Sales you require with design , then with our product knowledge , site experience and knowledge of piping systems and site layouts , we have all the knowledge and experience to give you the right design,with the right product for the right job along with any technical advise for your peace of mind when purchasing our Product.